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Corporate Citizenship

We remain firmly committed to responsible business practices, as we strive to leverage
technology to maximize our social impact through the same distinctive approach that sets our business apart.

Our internal drive for integrity, transparency and accountability ensures that
we live our values and uphold our code of conduct, which governs our operational practices.
We also consistently seek to balance company interests with those of the broader society.
Fables Template
Fables Template



At Skyq Creative, we believe that how we conduct business and relate with our stakeholders (Customers, Partners and Communities) is as important as the delivery of world class products and cutting edge services. This belief reinforces our unwavering commitment to the highest level of ethical standards.


Commitment to Staff

Our staffs are our ingredients of performance. All other additions are spices. Our strength is in our people. We are thus firmly committed to their overall progress and well being. In this regard, we maintain a clear orientation towards staff development & training, to make for a stimulating and dynamic work environment, reinforced by a climate of confidence to ensure greater quality of service in line with increased customer demands. The high level of teamwork and commitment to company objectives over and above personal interests, carefully nurtured by the company since inception, enables the free flow of ideas, the creative application of technical skills and the delivery of world class products which has firmly established us as an e-business solutions provider of choice.


Commitment to Customers

Skyq Creative is a customer driven organisation, and we apply rigour, initiative and vision to all aspects of our operations, with an unwavering focus on customer service delivery. We make it our business not just to know our clients' business but to understand their unique business needs. We believe that customer satisfaction can only be guaranteed through the delivery of innovative solutions designed to surpass stated objectives, with efficient and effective systems support that guarantees fast response times to customer demands. It is in this respect that we have made dedication to customers the foundation of our corporate culture.